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About Free Internet Speed Test

Our free internet speed test tool allows you to check your internet speed from within your browser without downloading any additional software.

This internet speed test tool performs comprehensive tests to find out the exact download and upload speed and bandwidth of your internet connection.

In today’s modern era internet speed is one of the most essential thing a human need. And the speed of internet is the main concern of any internet user.

To solve this issue we have launched this internet speed test tool for free.

How Free Internet Speed Test Tool Works

Our tool works on very simple methodologies to test out your internet speed. This tool uses different servers located at different locations to test internet speed using real world scenarios.

This tool downloads a bug size of demo data chunks using HTTP requests to pretend an actual download scenario to calculate the internet speed. 

Lets consider this tool downloads a data of 5 MB and it took 1 minute to complete the download on your internet connection, then your internet download speed is 83 KB/sec. Using a simple formula:

Total download size: 5 MB
Total downloading time: 60 seconds
Formula: total download size/ total download time
5 MB = 5000 KB
internet speed = 5000/60 => 83 KB/sec


This tool is one of the unique in terms of features. It not only tests speed, but it also tells some other very useful information that not many other tools tell. Some of the feature are listed below:

  • Measures download and upload speed with one single click.
  • Tests latency and shows ping and jitter.
  • Works on any type of device including mobile and tablets.
  • Supports multiple languages from multiple regions.
  • It’s design is very unique and modern.
  • Proudly powered by 

Terms of use

  • This tool is provided without any guarantee
  • Internet speed test tool does not require cookies to work
  • You may see the difference in results which indicates that your internet connection is unstable.
  • It’s free to use
  • We don’t store IP address or any other information of users.

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